How does the language of performance (made up of practices and procedures) open up opportunities to observe the world, to describe what cannot be described in words? How can action/performance art practices embody conflicts and call into question the measurements and proportions we use to observe/describe the world?

We invited five female ‘artivist’ peers who live in the Community of Madrid, in Segovia, in Paris and in Algiers to immerse themselves in the five core themes that the group UCMM2 came up with during the first six-month period of reflection in 2018: City Dance, Hetero-dissident Families, On Hold, Corpographies and WTF Institutiøn!

One action every month. Five months. Five places. Or six. OPERACIÓN LEGAZPIX is coming. Everything could change. City of Madrid 2019. Spain, Southern Europe. Municipal Elections. European Elections.  Racist raids, reloading icon, rampant touristification, acts of neighborhood resistance, subversive creativity and the smell of dried piss. This set of actions aims to connect bodies, groups, communities, practices and existing problems. What could happen in the present continuous? Touching and being touched here and now. An radical conversation? It’s all about honesty, collaborative work, material and immaterial conditions, methods, ethics and authorship.

Investigating the dynamics of a “globalized city” by means of specific actions can lead us to unexpected, beautiful and trans formative places. Bodies/obstacles to economic power reconvene. Eyes that annoy the dominant discourse meet, dissent, learn, love each other. Or not. On hold. (Re)production of parenting. (Ex)change of public institutions that aren’t for the elite. Diverse experiences, incarnations, origins. Feminist and de colonial gazes. Like wild flowers, we dance bare-chested, in front of the main door to the cultural parliament.